Select answers to a set of simple questions from your computer, phone or tablet. Take the main survey —KNOW YOUR DIET— an abridged version to get a report on your overall diet. If you have less time right now, spend few minutes and take one or more of our mini surveys to know in-depth about specific aspects. You can start from any survey. Take it in one go or in multiple attempts. You would find useful to complete all. Take it in English or Hindi. Respondent details are to be filled only once.

You will get your diet report as soon as you submit the survey. It will be an easy to understand analysis of your responses to the main survey and/or mini surveys on fruits, vegetables and beverages. You will also get answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQs) on food and diet.

School children between 9-17 years should fill a specially designed 'School Children Survey'. A separate diet report and answers to FAQs meant for children will be shared right away. 

This initiative is to create awareness on food and diet. Your participation will also help us know what India is eating and contribute to the Good Food movement in the country. Read more >>

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) is a New Delhi based public interest research and advocacy organisation working for sustainable and equitable development. CSE has been working on issues related to food and health for decades. Read more >>

School Children Survey

Aged 9 – 17 years

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This is not a market research exercise. Individual respondent details and information shared will be kept confidential. Responses will be analysed collectively to know what India is eating.